Carpentry & Roofing in
Milbridge, Steuben, and
Cherryfield, Maine

Paredes Painting & Pressure Washing, LLC Provides Expert Carpentry

For quality carpentry and roofing in Milbridge, Steuben, and Cherryfield, Maine, rely on Paredes Painting & Pressure Washing, LLC. Our carpenters are proud of our tremendous service to Milbridge, Steuben, and Cherryfield. If you have a wood project that you need done, or your roof is leaking, count on us for the job.
Our team has the knowledge and expertise for new cabinets, roofing materials, flooring and more. If you want your hardwood floors to shine, we also offer high quality varnishing. Count on our experienced staff for everything you need done. Call us today at (207) 598-0040 or (207) 598-0021 for an appointment and estimate for your project.

Count On Our Carpenters for Quality Craftsmanship in Steuben, Maine

Have you looked at your Steuben, Maine cabinets, deck, or porch on your property? Our superb carpenters can help with building or remodeling the wooden structures of your home. We even promise an efficient and careful installation process from start to finish. Count on our carpentry services to build a durable and beautiful structure.
Adding new cabinets to your home can help enhance your home’s appearance, and provides needed storage space. But over the life of your storage spaces, they will need maintenance. Trust us for quality varnishing to keep your wood looking its best.

Allow Us to Replace Your Damaged Cherryfield, Maine Roof

We know that the weather in Maine can be harsh on your Cherryfield, Maine roof. Sometimes that means rain, snow, ice, sleet, and other elements can damage your roof, causing it to leak or collapse. Make sure your roof is ready to stand up to the wear and tear. Our roofers build and maintain quality roofs with tough and durable materials. Do not wait to call Paredes Painting & Pressure Washing, LLC if you have a roof leak. Find out why our friends and neighbors love our quality work. Get in contact with us when you are ready to discuss your roofing situation.

Trust Paredes Painting & Pressure Washing, LLC for excellent carpentry and roofing
in Milbridge, Steuben and Cherryfield, Maine.